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STEM Equity Pipeline Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get involved?

Just sign up by completing the registration page. You can indicate at what level you want to be involved. For more information about the various levels of involvement in the project go to the State Team Roles and Responsibilities page. If you are from CA, MO, IL, WI, OK, IA, MN, NH, OH, TX, or GA you can also connect with your State Contact to learn more about the STEM Equity Pipeline activities in that state.

What if I am from a state that is not being targeted by the project?

That’s OK – you can still participate in any of the national STEM Equity Pipeline activities like being on the listserve, accessing the great information and resources on the Virtual Learning Community, participating in the webinars, webcasts, online courses and the national conference.

How can we access the experts?

Experts supported with project funds are available only to those states participating in the project and can only be requested by members of the State Leadership group. If you are from a participating state – CA, MO, IL, WI, OK, IA, MN, NH, OH, TX, or GA – and would like to use an expert for a professional development train the trainer session please complete the Request for Expert Assistance form. It will be submitted to your State Leadership group for consideration.

If you are not from a participating state or are not successful in getting your request approved you can access the Experts directly. In this case you will be responsible for contracting for their services directly with the Expert of your choice.

When is the next professional development opportunity?

The STEM Equity Pipeline project will be hosting a series of webinars, webcasts and online courses as well as inform the network of related events being sponsored by collaborating organizations. For more information on theses opportunities go to the STEM Equity Pipeline Calendar.

How can I provide input into the selection of the topics for the webinars, webcasts, online courses and other training?

Complete the Professional Development Needs Assessment. Your information will be included in the regular summary reviewed by staff that develops the content of the project’s professional development offerings.

Who can be on a State Team?

The most important criteria for any member of your STEM Equity Pipeline State Team is that they have a personal passion and professional commitment to increasing the participation of women and girls in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) career and technical education programs at the secondary and community college level. For more information about how a State Team is formed, download Forming a State Team.

What commitment do I have to make to participate?

Your level of commitment depends on at what level you want to participate. Participation varies from being on the State Leadership Group where you can be involved in the development of the implementation for your state to just being part of the STEM Equity Pipeline Network where you can determine your level of involvement. To learn more about the roles and responsibilities of each of the levels of participation go to State Team Roles and Responsibilities to learn more

What financial resources are available for participation?

Participation in all STEM Equity Pipeline webinars and webcasts are free for those participating from member states. Depending on demand and webcast access availability there may be a small charge for those not from participating states. Each state team has a budget for covering expenses for participation in the State Team Leadership Institute and other state level hosted meetings. The State Leadership Group makes the decision as to how these funds will be used.

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