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July 2008
STEM Equity Pipeline News


A New Frontier for Title IX: Science

(John Tierney, New York Times)
Until recently, the impact of Title IX, the law forbidding sexual discrimination in education, has been limited mostly to sports. But now, under pressure from Congress, some federal agencies have quietly picked a new target: science. The National Science Foundation, NASA and the Department of Energy have set up programs to look for sexual discrimination at universities receiving federal grants. Investigators have been taking inventories of lab space and interviewing faculty members and students in physics and engineering departments at schools like Columbia, the University of Wisconsin, M.I.T. and the Univ of Maryland.

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Math Is "Hot"

(Valerie Schremp Hahn, St. Louis Post Dispatch)
The middle-schoolers at the Mathematicians in Residence program scribbled numbers on white, poster-sized paper as they worked through the day's challenge: Which store had the better bargain on cat food? Students then checked out and commented on each group's math prowess. A note on one poster delivered the ultimate middle school compliment: "That's hot." The program, held at Parkway's Southwest Middle School in Ballwin, aims to help teachers and students think of math as, well, hot.

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"Nerd Girls" TV Program Challenges Stereotypes

(Amanda Davis)
In the midst of reality TV shows featuring dancers, models, and singers trying to make it in show business, IEEE.tv is now showing a pilot of a reality show about a team of female engineering students trying to build a solar car. The group from Tufts University in Medford, Mass., called Nerd Girls, attracted the interest of producer Kristina Johnson, whose California-based production company filmed the project last summer.

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For Women in Physics, the Pipeline Is a Labyrinth

(from July 2008 MentorNet News)
Physicist Patricia Rankin asserts that there is no glass ceiling that blocks women's advances to the top levels of physics. Nor is the problem a career pipeline that leaks women at every junction until, by the end, there are very few left; actual career paths are not so straightforward. No, the situation is much more complicated.

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"Nerd Girls" Out to Prove That Beauties Can Be Brainy

(Edutopia Technology in Education Newsletter)
A group seeks to shatter stereotypes and attract girls to technology careers. "There's a stereotype out there," Danielle Vardaro, an engineer for Boeing, told TODAY's Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb Friday. And it's not a pretty one. Women are still rarely thought of as engineers, said Karen Panetta, a belly-dancing professor of engineering at Tufts University and the founder of Nerd Girls.

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"Math Class Is Tough" No More: Girls' Skills Now Equal Boys'

Sixteen years after Barbie dolls declared, "Math class is tough!" girls are proving that when it comes to math they are just as tough as boys.

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A Silent Crisis: The Underrepresentation of Latinos in STEM Careers

There is much worry today about America's competitiveness and the future of the U.S. economy. The real wealth generator in the current global economy is innovation, and the high-technology jobs that flow from innovation. Indeed, a recent report from the U.S. Department of Labor suggests that over the next 10 years, the country's need for people with technical expertise is going to grow by 50 percent.

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Tech gURLs: Closing the Technological Gender Gap

How do educators engage female students in computer science?

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The USDOE has developed a website full of resources to encourage girls in math and science for their "Doing What Works" section
Women in Science Booklet from Science Magazine and L'Oreal Corporate Foundation
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WonderWise: Women in Science Kits
Career Videos of Women in 35 High Wage, High Demand Science, Technology and Trades Occupations


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New Study Paints Portrait of Women in Technology Careers
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Hispanic Hiring Trends from the Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology
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