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May 2009


NAPE Education Foundation Issues RFA for Three New State Teams

The NAPE Education Foundation is seeking three additional states to participate in the STEM Equity Pipeline Project starting October 1, 2009. The Project will be work with 13 states over 5 years to increase the capacity of individuals in the state who conduct STEM professional development to integrate research-based best practices on increasing the participation of women and girls in STEM into their existing training work. Application deadline is July 15, 2009.
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Minnesota Announces Participating Consortia

This past fall, Minnesota was accepted into the STEM Equity Pipeline Project. The project is led by a State Leadership Team with staff from both the Minnesota DOE and Minnesota State Colleges and Universities. A larger State Team, consisting of STEM faculty, curriculum coordinators, professional development experts, administrators, and representatives from STEM outreach organizations, will be working with local teams during the process.

Minnesota has an established network of Perkins consortia linking secondary and post-secondary CTE programs. Consortia were invited to apply to become a site for the Minnesota STEM Equity Pipeline Project. Participating consortia will receive training, materials, technical assistance, and professional development, including training in the Five-Step Program Improvement Process. They will also receive guidance in research and data gathering. The sites will be asked to identify an implementation strategy designed to increase the participation and completion of women in nontraditional STEM-related career cluster programs of study and to incorporate this work with their Perkins plans.

Perkins Consortia were invited to apply for participation based on their commitment to increase the participation rate of females in nontraditional programs. Four sites were accepted for participation:

  • Hennepin West (North Hennepin Community College, Hopkins, Wayzata, and Eden Prairie schools), with a focus on engineering
  • Mid-Minnesota (Ridgewater College, Hutchinson and Gibbon-Fairfax-Winthrop schools), with a focus on engineering and drafting
  • Southwest Metro (Normandale College, Kennedy and Jefferson schools), with a focus on engineering and manufacturing
  • St. Paul (St. Paul College, St. Paul Public Schools), with a focus on computer programming, construction, and engineering

Each consortia site is hosting an orientation meeting for their local team and representatives of the state team.

For more information, contact the co-leaders, Brenda Lyseng, STEM Project Specialist, Office of the Chancellor, Brenda.lyseng@so.mnscu.edu or Dan Smith, Supervisor of Career and Technical Education Programs, Minnesota Department of Education, dan.smith@state.mn.us.


Educators, Corporations Aim to Heighten Students' Interest in Mathematics

(Michael Alison Chandler, The Washington Post)
To counter the notion that mathematics ability is inscribed in DNA, school officials and corporate executives are waging a public relations campaign for the hearts and minds of the average math student. Their goal is to immerse more middle school students in algebra and toughen high school math requirements so graduates can compete for increasingly technical jobs. Their message: Advanced math is not only for rocket scientists.
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New Insight on Females and Math Phobia: Overcoming Stereotype Threat

(Rydell et al., Indiana University)
A new study shows that when women are aware of both negative and positive stereotypes related to performance, they identify more closely with the positive stereotype, according to Science Daily.
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Sex and Science: How Professor Gender Perpetuates the Gender Gap

(S.E. Carrell, M.E. Page, J.E. West)
The authors of this paper provide evidence to support their theory that a professor's gender affects the performance of female students in math and science classes.
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A Trek in Paradise:

Paradise Valley High School's technology resources for video production, business, IT and other courses are presented as an engaging sci-fi adventure.

NCWIT By the Numbers Fact Sheet:

This fact sheet is a colorful one-page document with startling statistics about women in IT careers and majors.

Assessment Tools in Informal Science:

This searchable website provides assessment tools for informal science learning.

Famous Female Scientists Profiled:

Voice of America reported on women's role in science, noting that women have been making scientific discoveries since ancient times.


WEPAN 2009 National Conference

"Center Stage: Effective Strategies for Recruitment and Talent Development"
Austin, TX
June 17-19, 2009

International Symposium on Engineering Education and Educational Technology 2009:

Orlando, FL
July 10-13, 2009

The Techbridge Summer Training Institute

"Center Stage: Effective Strategies for Recruitment and Talent Development"
Oakland, CA
August 3-5, 2009

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